The demand for images of gastroenterological procedures seems very high. After my 3-dimensional visualization of a colonoscopy including a polyp removal in March 2008, I’ve always thought of visualizing a gastroscopy and an ERCP to have a complete series ready.

While I have used standard materials for the colon mucosa in 2008, I switched to subsurface scattering materials this time, utilizing hand drawn displacement maps for all the details…

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  1. tuna eker says:

    thank u for your helps. as a medical student i can imagine easly ercp . its better than several videos.

  2. Sigrid Bradley says:


    These pictures are marvelously done. I am currently writing a blog entry about going through a gastroscopy and thus wonder if I may use any of these pictures? Of course with due credit to your site.
    My blog can be found here:


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