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3D Design and Visualization in Medicine

The advantages 3-dimensional graphics bring to medicine are undisputable

Sales, marketing & advertising

Revolutionary methods and procedures, new innovative surgical instrumentation…
3-dimensional graphics are unbeatable in the presentation of the usage and advantages of specialized units, gadgets, tools and procedures in surgery as well as other fields of medicine.  Perspectives unattainable with regular cameras as well as the possibility of making anatomical structures or body-parts transparent or even invisible, allow a clear, focused and understandable view of any workflow.

Patient education

A picture is worth a thousand words. With the aid of aesthetic and realistic animations of intended surgical procedures, patients can quickly imagine what is going to happen during the operation. A perfect and adequate way to support patient information.

Education and training

3-dimensional animations help students in getting familiar with the anatomy of certain regions by clearly showing all anatomical structures and their functional relationships – an ideal way to analyze a surgical procedure step by step before putting hands on a patient.

keokimed combines well-founded medical knowledge and practical surgical experience with decades of professional career in the field of 3-dimensional graphics and animation in an unique way. Our company is actively working with leading hospitals, institutes and specialists in various medical disciplines. We will be happy to support you with the realization of your projects.