Hello! I’m Georg,

Medical Doctor and
Creative Freelancer

based in Vienna, Austria.

About me

  • Started using 3D software (AutoCAD) at the age of 14
  • quickly developed a passion for 3D graphics and virtual environments
    created my first animations in early versions of 3ds max
  • studied medicine and became a doctor to make my mom happy 😉
  • actively working as a medical doctor
  • continuing my 3D work as a creative freelancer
  • apart from 3D visualizations in the medical field, I do lots of other 3D work
    (e.g. product presentations, architecture, photogrammetry etc.)
  • happy to discuss your projects!

My Services

3D Modeling

From anatomy to product design – accurate and appealing 3D models are the basis of every 3D project.


Single images or complex animations, or maybe both? – let us discuss your project requirements.


Thanks to eGPU powered rendering, high quality images and animations can be provided in the shortest possible time.

Post processing

Post processing gives our products the final touch – annotations, labels, transitions, color grading etc. – all in line with your wishes and requirements.


Let's work together!

I welcome you to contact me for more information about my artwork or services.

Let’s Talk About Your Project

Let us discuss the timeframe and complexity of your project.

Let’s Talk About Your Idea

Some visualizations require a photorealistic, others a rather simple and clear look – let me know more about your ideas and goals.

Let’s Talk About Your Content

Single images or animations – what are your project requirements?