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Flow cytometry – animations

This video demonstrates the fluid dynamics of a flow cell… This one shows a cell sorter (FACS – fluorescence activated cell sorting): The next two animations show conjugated antibodies binding to antigens on a cell surface:  

EMcision Products…

EMcision develops medical devices based on RF technology for the surgical community. Their mission is to enhance cancer patients’ quality of life, to advance surgical and medical techniques by harnessing the power and accuracy of radiofrequency energy for specific applications in percutaneous procedures and open, laparoscopic, vascular and endoscopic surgeries and to deliver innovation without boundaries by […]


The demand for images of gastroenterological procedures seems very high. After my 3-dimensional visualization of a colonoscopy including a polyp removal in March 2008, I’ve always thought of visualizing a gastroscopy and an ERCP to have a complete series ready. While I have used standard materials for the colon mucosa in 2008, I switched to […]